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Demolition solider is a family owned Australian Company with a combination of over 50 years experience, within the building and construction industry. As our name suggests we are specialist within the demolition field, Telephone using the latest technology and fleet of machinery, completing projects on time at competitive rates. Our main focus is private owners, builders, and developers, clearing houses and lands with rapid success, we have been involved with government and commercial projects demolishing shops, schools, and utilities. We are Sydney based, however, have done work in rural and interstate areas, where customers required our expertise. Our goal is to provide a safe environment and ensure that materials being demolished is sorted and recycled where possible.

Today Demolition Soldire® has expert professionals on its payroll. The company is active in Australia





What We Can Do ?

Our Services .

At Demolition Solidier. we have a broad range of capabilities in all demolition services.
civil works and excavation for residential. commercial and industrial projects.
As experienced residential and commercial demolition contractors.
we have the capacity to perform demolition applications in everything from small homes up to five-storey commercial buildings.
Whether you require large-scale industrial demolition or part-demolition to make way for home renovations. we can help.

Commercial Demolition

We provide demolition management plans including waste management plans required for Development Applications for large scale projects. Our goal is to minimise waste but ensure rapid demolition of buildings to meet project timelines. We have worked on many staged projects that involve multiple site establishments and floating of a range of equipment in to meet deadlines. We have worked in with many clients to ensure no time is lost on the critical path.

Residential Demolition

Demolition solider provides competitive prices for the individual land owners, with a one stop shop for asbestos removal, demolition and remediation of land it is no wonder why most small builders and home owners choose us. Our promise to you is to provide the best service possible ontime and at a competitive price. We are happy to save items that is cherished by home owners and retain any walls if required for partial demolition.

Internal demolition

Demolition soliders specialise in shop fit-outs, stripping existing shops back down to original internal walls. Some clients request partial demolition of houses or internal modifications to improve living space, this requires our specialist advice, we can prop and demolition partial walls and roofing.

Asbestos Removal and Disposal

Asbestos Removal and Disposal Demolition Soldier provide bonded asbestos removal, for houses and commercial areas. Asbestos is a hazardous material that should not be disturbed, removal requires personal protective equipment and any size of 10m2 should be registered with Work Safe NSW. We provide safe removal of asbestos products to licenced tips throughout NSW. Please call to get your free quote today.
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Testimonials .

We highly recommend Demolition Solider for any demolition work, their attitude and approach is key to their success.
Demolition Solider provides quick service at a very resonable rate, we have used their services on every project for the last few years. We will continue to seek their help for demolition.
Demolition solider have provided vital plans and designs to ensure partial demolition of utilitie facilities located in the inner west. There methodological approach and great attitude is what we are after in all contractors.
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